For kids

There are lot of fun and exciting activities with in a short distance of Nexo Hostel. Every part of Bornholm can be reached in an hour by car.  – You can find more about all the activities on

butterflypark bornholm children water fish

Butterfly park

Here you can experience beautiful indoor nature with many different butterflies, insects and plants. There is also a beautiful park where you can play and eat a nice lunch, if you have not brought one you can go to their cafe and buy a homemade sandwich as well as coffee or tea.

Bornholms Butterflypark

Nature Bornholm dinosaur

Nature Bornholm

Lots of activities for young and old in Bornholm's popular adventure center. With time travle, earthquake, dinosaurs, bisons, Baltic Sea aquarium, live crocodiles, outdoor electric car circuit for the kids, shop, cafe and more. 

Natur Bornholm dinosaur

vaerftet neoe harbor skateboard


Indoor skate hall, playground and a small cafe at Nexoe harbor. Vaerftet is run for profit from volunteer enthusiasts, and all profits are spent on maintaining and developing Vaerftet's activities.



amusementpark boats water

Braendegaardshaven (Joboland)

It is Bornholm's amusement park with many activities for children. For both big and small children with lots of activities to get tired of.

Water park, zoo, cable car, miniature golf, rowboat, slides, climbing land and eating places. and much more. You can read about the various activities on their side.

Braendegaardshaven (Joboland)