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Nexø Hostel´s guide to experiences in the local area

Nexø on Bornholm is a treasure trove of experiences, sports activities, and attractions that attract both locals and visitors from near and far. The town is beautifully situated by the sea and exudes an authentic charm, combining an active fishing harbor with cozy streets and stunning coastal stretches.

Sports activities are popular in the Nexø area. With its coastal location, the town offers excellent opportunities for water sports such as windsurfing, kayaking, and sailing. Balka Beach, a short drive from Nexø, is a popular spot for beach volleyball and kite surfing due to its wide sandy beaches and clear waters. There are also several hiking and biking trails nearby, leading through beautiful landscapes and forest areas such as Almindingen.

Nexø and its surroundings also boast a range of attractions. Nexø Museum tells the story of the town’s development over the centuries and its close connection to the sea and fishing industry. Nexø Church, with its impressive architecture and serene atmosphere, is worth a visit for those seeking cultural experiences.

For those interested in local culture and traditions, Nexø hosts several annual events, including fishing and harbor festivals, where visitors can experience the authentic Bornholm lifestyle and taste local delicacies.

Nexø Hostel is an ideal base for exploring these activities and attractions. With its central location in the town, guests can easily access all the mentioned places and enjoy everything that the Nexø area has to offer. Whether you’re into sports, culture, or just relaxing by the sea, Nexø has something for everyone.